Rocky Mountain Rehab Alliance

Rocky Mountain Rehab Alliance


The high-performance subsidiary of CPTN

We’re tired of waiting for someone else to find the solution.

You can’t enjoy the miracles of change……

….Unless you change something

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What We Are Doing

Rocky Mountain Rehab Alliance is a network of physical therapy practices that is redefining relationships with both payors and patients.

Dedicated to technology, innovative workflows and an unrelenting emphasis on quality, RoMoRA is a group of rehab practice owners who have partnered with payors to change the paradigm.

RoMoRA therapists spend dramatically more time treating patients. Not surprisingly, patient satisfaction and progression eclipse practices that put volume ahead of quality.

RoMoRA practice owners and payors work together with treatment and reimbursement models that deliver higher profitability for everyone.

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How We Are Doing It


Quality Partners

With our EMR/billing partner, Heno,  RoMoRA has access to an efficient documentation and billing program for a much more affordable rate than an individual practice can negotiate. Heno allows therapists to document and with the push of a button, we can track patient progression by therapist, by body region and be compared to the national average. Every patient is a quest to improve quality.


Commitment to Patients

With streamlining medical documentation therapists spend more time treating, the patients appreciate the superior physical therapy and they recover more quickly.

This is the way physical therapy is supposed to be: We put patients first.


Innovation with Payors

Instead of working with payors as adversaries – we will work with them as if they were partners. This will require trust, communication and collaboration.

Who We Are

RoMoRA was formed by a group of clinicians

  • Who choose to practice with exceptional ethics and integrity.
  • Who have invested in mechanisms to ensure that they are all practicing with the highest level of standards.

They intend to show that they can have quantitative results that show that they are providing effective and efficient care that lowers the episode of care for musculoskeletal services, while providing an excellent patient experience, and delivering superior rehabilitation outcomes.

RoMoRA is comprised of clinics that will be billing under one Tax ID, thus reducing the administrative costs to payors – in providing payment to one entity as opposed to multiple entities.

The members of RoMoRA strongly believe that the way to lower the rising cost of musculoskeletal conditions is by adopting mandatory measures that are evidence-based and lead to real, measurable results.



  • Michael House PT ScD
  • Greg McCall PT, DPT
  • Bradley Schoonveld
  • Vincent Carmellini

All Pro Physical Therapy, Back to Motion Physical Therapy, Colorado Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists, and Metropolitan Physical Therapy

For further information about this exciting group of practices, please contact:
Mark Engleman, Executive Director |